Website Design & Development

Web Design

Our web design team will work with you to craft a website with an aesthetic that perfectly matches your business and brand. They are experts in making websites with user-friendly layouts, creative designs, and appealing graphics. In a way, they are tech-savvy artists that construct a proper flow and layout of your website to make sure all elements work together.  Our designers are pros when it comes to brand imagery, color palettes, fonts, and other factors that are key to attracting customers.


With these features, your customers will want to stay on your website for longer periods of time because it is so enjoyable to use. Our team of web design experts is up to date on all of the cutting-edge trends and adheres to industry standards and best practices.

Web Development

After the marketing and design team conceptualize your digital presence, it is our web development team that brings it into reality. They take the web design and use coding languages like HTML, JavaScript, PHP, and Python to generate your business website. These tech gurus do everything necessary to make your dream website a well-oiled working machine.


Simply put, our web development team members are like construction workers They take a detailed blueprint and build the end product from the ground up. Our web development team can craft different types of websites depending on how complex your needs are. This can range from a static page of plain text to complex web applications, electronic businesses, or even a social network service. If you need it, our web development team at Charming Networks can make it for you.

Real Clients. Real Reviews.

Our goal is to raise our client’s business to the next level. The reviews we have received show their appreciation for the quality we put into our work.


CMS stands for Content Management System, this allows the user to have very little technical knowledge and be able to make adjustments on your website without the help of a developer. This is really important because it will save you a lot of time and money and you will feel like a rock star doing so!

Every website is different, so you will need to contact one of our team members to receive an accurate quote, depending on the factors of the website you wish to develop. Most websites can take on average 2 weeks to complete.

The process of designing then developing works hand & hand because we need to create your visualization for your new website. Going through our process of design and development we are able to identify key pieces of information to actively translate your idea to reality.

Most websites will be self-hosted, which means that you will need your own hosting and one of our team members will be able to assist you with setting up the foundation for your website. You need hosting for your website because that’s where your website will show it’s live to the rest of the world.

SSL certificates are one of the most important pieces to websites,  without a SSL your website will not be secured and your visitors will be prompted with this when they visit your website reminding them that your website is not trustworthy and they shouldn’t enter any personal information. No worries though, you can contact our team and we can get you SSL secured!

Websites are a custom craft and it takes an experienced designer/developer to accurately create a quote for your website. Depending on the technologies that will be used to create it and how many pages you will need, also if you provide any content these are some of the key factors that will let our experts create a personalized quote just for you.

A website is important because it’s the face of your business and it carries a lot more weight than you actually think. There are tons of studies indicating that a customer is more likely to purchase from someone with a modern & professional website versus someone who barely puts any effort into their website! Websites convert which means websites will turn visitors into customers… only if they are done right.

Responsive web design transforms your website to fit based on screen size! Have you ever noticed that a website looks different from the desktop version? That’s because websites need to be designed to match computers, tablets & phones. Responsive web design is very important because most traffic nowadays will come from a cell phone! Your customers love to browse on the go.

WordPress is the most popular CMS that powers over 80% of the internet. The reason why it’s so popular is because of the flexibility and the range of websites it offers. Using WordPress you can easily install plugins and configure them to add functionality to your website. Some of the most complex websites use wordpress, but some of the most basic ones use wordpress aswell. 

Elementor is a page builder that allows a website developer to create your website using front end technologies. The nice thing about Elementor is once your developer is done with your site you will be able to make modifications to your website with little to no experience. Elementor is our bread and butter because we’ve seen how useful it is and how scalable it is from small to large websites.