Charming Networks Manifesto

Most frequent questions and answers

We love what we do
Charming Networks is composed of a team of experts in their specific fields. Each member has a passion for what they do, whether that is graphic design, website development, or market strategy.

We build partnerships
Our clients are satisfied with the end product because we allow them to have a voice in the development process. All the way from putting pen to paper for concept design to developing the software from a website, your business will be informed and listened to every step of the way.

Our process is proven
We have all types of businesses craft a personalized digital presence and brand that engages a loyal customer base. For some samples of our work and client reviews, take a look at our portfolio.

A website is the face of your business, & your website should be treated as digital real estate. As we adapt further to modern technology, websites are only going to become increasingly popular. An attractive website can only do so much though, with Google being the #1 tool to bring new visitors to your website SEO should be top on your priority list as well. With the combination of a well-designed, functional website & professional SEO we will move your business from a dead-end road that generates little to no traffic into a traffic mammoth that flows unique visitors exponentially.

In a world that is filled with distractions, we think outside of the box and apply that to your projects. We don’t believe in cookie cutter services, which is why we fully customize and develop from scratch! To us Charming Networks isn’t just work/job, it’s a passion that we get to showoff to the world! We do not make clients we make friends.

We do things a bit differently here at Charming Networks and that starts with our proven process of success over the last three years. As a business owner, you should be spending your quality time on income-generating tasks, instead of wasting time with countless designers/developers. Charming Networks was created for that specific reason!

Are you a small business? (We love working with small business owners!)
How do you want your visitor to feel on your new website?
What drove you to become an entrepreneur?
When would you like your website to be live by?

Our web design team will work with you to craft a website with an aesthetic that perfectly matches your business and brand. They are experts in making websites with user-friendly layouts, creative designs, and appealing graphics. In a way, they are tech-savvy artists that construct a proper flow and layout of your website to make sure all elements work together. Our designers are pros when it comes to brand imagery, color palettes, fonts, and other factors that are key to attracting customers.

With these features, your customers will want to stay on your website for longer periods of time because it is so enjoyable to use. Our team of web design experts is up to date on all of the cutting-edge trends and adheres to industry standards and best practices.


Managed Hosting

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