About Us

About The Owner

Charming Networks is the brainchild of Chandler Orcutt. Orcutt has been in the digital marketing industry since a young age. With his tech-savvy skills, he generated his own social network with 100K+ members before going on to custom create websites and social platforms for all types of businesses.

Chandler Orcutt


Mission Statement

At Charming Networks, we understand that first impressions are everything when it comes to attracting business. Trust us to help you put your best foot forward with a user-friendly, professional, and aesthetic website design.

Businesses need to innovate if they are going to continue to flourish. Charming networks can aid your business in establishing itself in the ever-growing digital marketplace with our team of tech-savvy experts. 

Vision Statement

Since these early days, Charming Networks has vastly expanded. We now have a team of the best developers, graphic artists, and marketers. Orcutt has extensive experience in this industry, and has personally vetted all members of our team. This should assure all clients that any team member you work with from Charming Networks is the best at what they do. Orcutt has curated a team of true experts; with Charming Networks, your business is in capable hands.

Our Values

Be Genuine

Conformity and courage can not coexist. Be true to yourself and great things will follow.

Be Creative

Don’t dwell on competition. Focus on creation. There is no competition for those who create.

Be Objective

Challenge assumptions. Think long term. Stand on principles and not short sighted gains.

Be Prosperous

Help others prosper and we will prosper in return. It’s that simple.


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